Vertiges is a growing tension, an infection forgotten in the depths of history. Plunged in the heart of a city, in a family microcosm, our gaze observes this inevitable growing tension, until destruction and deliverance.


Sometimes we come across one on the street, and suddenly we see him. We see him because he’s stopped and, in the middle of rushed passers-by, he closely watches. Concentrated, silent, he watches for hours, the crane operators, their movements, helmets on their heads. Then he walks away slowly, he is old, he has a sore leg, one wonders where he goes...

Une étoile pour Noël 

“You shouldn’t be like me”. And there you have it, the watchword. The father’s real watchword.


We live in a time in which we face increasingly difficult grief. With the depletion of funeral rites, death no longer seems like an event that punctuates the life of the community, but just an individual drama.

Les vipères se parfument au jasmin

Les Vipères se parfument au jasmin is rooted in the conflictual but hidden relationship that governs the relationship between mother and daughter. After Une étoile pour Noël, this is the second part of "Family Mythologies".