Cultural activities for Vertiges

Alongside the performances of Vertiges, the Nasser Djemaï troupe set up writing and theatre workshops for a large audience from 14 years old, whether they are educated or not in theatre. For the company, it is also about going further by creating a dialogue with the public on important themes. Two actors from the show, Clémence Azincourt and Issam Rachyq-Ahrad, take part with dynamism and kindness. During these workshops, the speakers practice fun and interactive exercises based on the themes covered in the show:

 How do you build your identity?  
 How can one be a stranger in one's own family?  
 How can generations live together?  
 But also religion, work, neighbourhood life... 

The exercises will be chosen according to the profile of the people present and can even be created on the spot. More generally, the exercises make it possible to create a link between the participants to introduce themselves and then to approach the different aspects of the reality of a theatrical creation in the writing, the acting, the improvisation, the construction of the scenes, costumes and scenography to make each participant both author and performer.

The workshops can be organised in different formats:

A week of workshops about the performance:
            - 2h workshop before the show and on set at the end of the performance
            - 2h workshop before and 2h after the show
            - 4h workshop (2 x 2h) before and 4h (2 x 2h) after the show + 2h summary

Meeting/debate hosted by Nasser Djemaï

As part of an educational, pedagogical or cultural project over several weeks (to be defined together) with the creation of a show based on Vertiges. The interest of a long-term project is to create a creative dynamic led by professionals and to allow the participants to have the time to deepen and explore new levels of acting and performances. We can also consider working in conjunction with neighbourhood associations, social centres, reception centres to create joint actions.

These workshops and meetings can only be undertaken in close collaboration with the Company. Prior preparation is essential to ensure the smooth running of the whole event. The type, number and age of participants will be established with the Company.